The Trade Wind Are Now Sailing In Rorc Transatlantica

The multihulls that are leading are now nearly halfway on its course in the RORC Transatlantic Race (RORCTR). The boat has covered the distance of 1,700 miles already. On the other hand, the small size boats have covered the distance of 500 to 600 nautical miles so far and to complete the voyage, they have to sail nearly 2,500 miles more.

At UTC 0800, the Multihull of Giovanni Soldini 70 Maserati got the lead over its competitors Peter Cunningham boat MOD 70 PowerPlay. He has chosen a route which towards the south direction a bit. Both the boats had split their direction in order to get an advantage over their competitor.

Returning Champions Spearhead 2018 Youth Sailing World Championships Fleets

This year the sailors from America and Australia are returning in the 420 fleets and Laser Radial. Some of them were returning to defend their titles of Youth Sailing World Championships last year and some with an aim to climb up on the podium. The event is happening in Corpus Christi, Texas, USA.

382 finest sailors of the world aged between 16 to 19 have already assembled in Corpus Christi and ready to take part in the races. The championship will continue for five days and the teams will sail across nine fleets and this includes Nacra 15 – Open Multihull and the Laser Radial, 29er and 420 of Boy’s and Girl’s and RS: X.

Children Rescued From Irish Waters

A lesson in sailing for children was called off when Storm Brian hit the eastern Irish coast on Saturday. Children were being given sailing lessons on small boats. This was cut short when the storm came on later in the morning. The group comprised of about 15 children. They were rescued from the stormy waters before the weather conditions became worse. The conditions started to deteriorate about noon as the storm winds became strong. The Met Eireann had warned people that there would be a storm that would sweep over the country in the morning hours and there would be strong winds as well as heavy downpours to expect through the day.


The Irish Coast Guard informed that a lifeboat had been sent out to save the passengers. There was assistance provided by the local Laoghaire Coast Guard as well. There were some who were also part of the sailing club who had to abandon their boats in order to reach safe ground. The abandoned boats were seen crashing against the east pier harbor wall. The Coast Guard stated that a warning has been issued last night to warn the public to stay away from areas like exposed piers, cliffs and beaches as well as promenades and harbor walls.

There was a wind warning of orange status that was issued for coasts like Clare, Galway, Cork, Kerry, Mayo, Wexford and Waterford. The warnings continued till ten pm in the night. It was expected that there would be gusts of wind blowing at 110 km/hr as well as 65 km/hr southeasterly winds. It was expected that there would be 55 mm of rainfall that would last about 24 hours. It was announced that anyone who found anyone in distress should call in at the Coast Guard or local emergency numbers.

Panerai Classic Yachts Series To Have Five Regattas

The 13th annual North American Panerai Classic Yachts Series (NA PCYC) series will be attracting a lot of yachts and sailors this year.

There will be a total of three consecutive weekends racing at the NA PCYC series this August. The sailors will be taking part in a possible eight races this season to win the Panerai trophies. This year is going to see a huge regatta and there will be five of them.

The five events that will be held over three consecutive weekends in August are Newport, Nantucket, Marblehead classic regattas along with new addition the Herreshoff Classic Yacht Regatta, Bristol, RI. It is expected that about 200 yachts will be taking part in the different Panerai regattas. This will be a large scale event and everyone is looking forward to this regatta season.

The first event will be the Corinthian Classic Yacht Regatta in Marblehead that will be held on August 12 and 13. This will be followed by the Nantucket Regatta in Marblehead on the subsequent weekend of August 18 and 19. (more…)

Sears Wins Caribbean Regatta

If you have been following the Caribbean regatta that has been going on by Tampa Bay Jim Sears and his team have been victorious, this being the third time for his team at this championship event. Team Viper as his team is called, were able to rejoice as they crossed the final leg of the regatta. Ryan Becker, the ten year old son was exuberant as his family arrived victorious at The Bight by the Normal Islands. The Becker family was able to win the fourth distance race of the championship, which was part of the race regatta spanning two days. They also succeeded in the long down winder race that covered a course from Sandy Cay to Guana Island which was held the previous day.

It has now been established that Dr Jim Sears has a lead in the championship that is unassailable, having been two times defending champion in this tournament. Team Viper was able to secure a lot of points that helped in their final victory. Sears talked about the experience they had gained in the past that came of use in this regatta as well. They came out of the base early and figured out the sail controls and other mechanics early which helped them in getting a head start. They also planned their tactics carefully as per the prevailing wind conditions.

The regatta was one of the first few international events held in the Tampa bay area. It showcased class A catamarans that were a sight to see for the sailing enthusiasts. It also brought several catamaran owners to the event that showcased their vehicles and several modification designs that each vessel had. It was a weekend that brought several such high performance vessels on the same waters. The sailing races helped to bring out tactical and technical skills among several sailors in this category.

Marsh And Higgins Made History

Paul Marsh and Sandy Higgins made history last week in the 505 in the challenging 5 race series, which was held at their home club. They sailed as a pair consistently and managed to get a hold of the American duo of Rob Woelfel and Mike Holt in IO Integration in the 2nd place and a Canberra team of Daryl Roos and Daniel Keys in Intergalactic in the 3rd position.

It was indeed a challenging regatta for all competitors, including the race committee. There was no racing for two days and only a single race was completed on the 3rd day – it was not Plain Sailing! The next day had numerous races where the sailing took place in different conditions. (more…)

Seascape 24 Best Recreational Boat

Seascape gives a perfect sailing experience to the modern racer who is weekend sailor.

The boat provides all comfortable and fun and it is best for adventure racing and day sailing.

The Seascape 24 is modern in every aspect. It holds retro attitude and take sailors back to those when they weren’t scared to go for the race on their boats at weekends; moreover they used to sleep on them as well.

Person from Seascape Til Plevnik spoke about the Seascape 24 and said “In Europe Weekender boat sailing designs are present in ample and most of them has 20-30 years old design. This is a boat that has been designed to swap them all. The boat is high on performance can say it is a day sailor and it offers all basic comfort that are present in contemporary boats. Though, the boat cannot be used for racing but it has potential to do many things than just racing. Everything in the boat is designed carefully to make it as a performer. The technical system of the boat is in synchronization with its outfit and thus it gives great performance in water” (more…)

French Team Joins Extreme Sailing Series

The Norauto team, bearing the French flag, will be making its debut soon at the 2016 Extreme Sailing Series. This team powered by Groupama Team France will be part of the Extreme Sailing Series fleet when they take to the waters in the event that will be held in Lisbon in October.

This team is a wild card entry for the penultimate race of the Extreme Sailing Series that will be held in Portugal’s capital city Lisbon from 6th to 9th October. There will be nine top teams from around the world and hydro-foiling GC32s that will be making its first appearance in Lisbon. (more…)

US Team And Its Preparations

With the Rio Games about to commence there is much being discussed about the sailing races. Experts like Charlie McKee, who has been two time medalist from US talks about how the preparations are necessary for the Games. He would know as he currently holds the position of High Performance Director for the team that would be representing US.

Charlie provided vital insights as to how the teams who are participating need to get ready for the Olympic regatta. The first factor that needs to be considered is the psychological aspect when teams have to compete in alien surroundings. (more…)

Moth US Nationals led by Patrick Wilson

Today, the racing started at the Moth US Nationals, along with Patrick Wilson proving to be the most coherent to take the top spot. Racing ends tomorrow. French sailor termed the day as La belle vie. Seven races were finished in 8-18 knots of wind moving down flat clear water. Sailing with plain technique, leading the meet is Patrick Wilson, the 3 days he spent fastening his bow and not rehearsing did not hinder his performance.

Following behind in a 3-way tie for the 2nd spot are Brad Funk, Matt Knowles and Jonny Goldsberry. Knowles is a lawyer from Boston who came at 2 am last evening, jumped in his yacht and had a magnificent day. The fleet, today, naturally formed groups assembled by progression; any time the breeze hits around fourteen knots gaps occur – a observation of the sailors time in the yacht. (more…)