Children Rescued From Irish Waters

A lesson in sailing for children was called off when Storm Brian hit the eastern Irish coast on Saturday. Children were being given sailing lessons on small boats. This was cut short when the storm came on later in the morning. The group comprised of about 15 children. They were rescued from the stormy waters before the weather conditions became worse. The conditions started to deteriorate about noon as the storm winds became strong. The Met Eireann had warned people that there would be a storm that would sweep over the country in the morning hours and there would be strong winds as well as heavy downpours to expect through the day.


The Irish Coast Guard informed that a lifeboat had been sent out to save the passengers. There was assistance provided by the local Laoghaire Coast Guard as well. There were some who were also part of the sailing club who had to abandon their boats in order to reach safe ground. The abandoned boats were seen crashing against the east pier harbor wall. The Coast Guard stated that a warning has been issued last night to warn the public to stay away from areas like exposed piers, cliffs and beaches as well as promenades and harbor walls.

There was a wind warning of orange status that was issued for coasts like Clare, Galway, Cork, Kerry, Mayo, Wexford and Waterford. The warnings continued till ten pm in the night. It was expected that there would be gusts of wind blowing at 110 km/hr as well as 65 km/hr southeasterly winds. It was expected that there would be 55 mm of rainfall that would last about 24 hours. It was announced that anyone who found anyone in distress should call in at the Coast Guard or local emergency numbers.