The Trade Wind Are Now Sailing In Rorc Transatlantica

The multihulls that are leading are now nearly halfway on its course in the RORC Transatlantic Race (RORCTR). The boat has covered the distance of 1,700 miles already. On the other hand, the small size boats have covered the distance of 500 to 600 nautical miles so far and to complete the voyage, they have to sail nearly 2,500 miles more.

At UTC 0800, the Multihull of Giovanni Soldini 70 Maserati got the lead over its competitors Peter Cunningham boat MOD 70 PowerPlay. He has chosen a route which towards the south direction a bit. Both the boats had split their direction in order to get an advantage over their competitor.

Currently, it seems Maserati is winning the battle as it has the benefit of carrying the starboard gybe. It is able to use the lifting foil present in it. Soldini, on the other hand, reported that they are able to fly only for two hours and they slowed down their speed because the waves become higher. Both the boats are traveling at the speed of over 20 knots. It is expected that the boats will finish the race in Grenada by December 1, early on Saturday.

Nearly 500 miles behind of both multis there is Baltic 130 My Song of Pier Luigi Loro Piana. It is only 18 miles back from the present monohull record at this point of time of the. The boat is the current overall leader under IRC because Cookson 50 Kuka3 belongs to Franco Niggeler is heading to the south direction and towards the Azores; possible for getting the strongest pressure. Sun Fast 3600 Black Sheep of Trever Middleton is following the kind of same track to Kuka3 and it is continuing to have third place comfortably in the IRC.