US Team And Its Preparations

With the Rio Games about to commence there is much being discussed about the sailing races. Experts like Charlie McKee, who has been two time medalist from US talks about how the preparations are necessary for the Games. He would know as he currently holds the position of High Performance Director for the team that would be representing US.

Charlie provided vital insights as to how the teams who are participating need to get ready for the Olympic regatta. The first factor that needs to be considered is the psychological aspect when teams have to compete in alien surroundings.

Feeling that one is out of their elements is something that is basic to all participants. Though there have been test events held, there would still be a certain mental preparation that would be required to overcome this hurdle of competing in unknown waters and in a different country for most sailors. Most country’s organizers have ensured that their teams get familiar with the Olympic race courses, with Yacht Charter in Scotland going to great lengths to ensure that the British team is ready.

Charlie feels that the US team has spent much time being in Rio so that they feel familiar with the surroundings. Most top sailors believe that they need to spend time getting to know a region, its people and weather conditions and they have achieved that as well. Most sailors have admitted that they like the time they have spent in Rio. They like the place and also when they sail in the waters.

In most of the reports that have been coming out on the quality of the bay waters, the other aspects of sailing, such as acclimatization, the warmth of the host country and other arrangements have not been talked about much. However, these aspects have been good and most sailors have gotten comfortable with the place and the waters. Hence, they are looking forward to the upcoming races with enthusiasm.
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